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Relative Diagnosability of Discrete-Event Systems and Its Opacity-Based Test Algorithm

Rui Zhao, Fuchun Liu*, and Zhusong Liu
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 4, pp.1693-1700, 2017

Abstract : "The notion of relative diagnosability is proposed for logical automata and the concept of diagnosable rate is introduced to characterize the diagnosability property of a discrete-event system, which takes values in the interval [0, 1]. The relationship between relative diagnosability and diagnosability introduced by Sampath et al. that relative diagnosability is weaker than diagnosability for discrete-event systems is analysed. Furthermore, a necessary and sufficient condition for relative diagnosability is presented. In particular, an opacity-based algorithm is developed to test the relative diagnosability, which is polynomial in the number of states of the system. In addition, the proposed algorithm may be used to deal with the problem of diagnosability."

Keyword : Diagnosability, discrete-event systems, opacity, relative diagnosability.

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