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Nonlinear Adaptive Controller Applied to an Antilock Braking System with Parameters Variations

Cuauhtémoc Acosta Lúa*, Stefano Di Gennaro, and María Eugenia Sánchez Morales
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 5, pp.2043-2052, 2017

Abstract : "The control of an Antilock Braking System is a difficult problem, due to its nonlinear dynamics and to the uncertainties in its characteristics and parameters. To overcome these issues, in this work an adaptive controller is proposed. The controller is designed under the assumption that the friction coefficient is unknown, and further perturbing frictions act on the system. Finally, the convergence to an e -ball of the origin is proved when these perturbing parameters vary. The performance of the nonlinear dynamic controllers is evaluated by some experimental tests on a mechatronic system representing a quarter-car model. The results show how the controller ensures the tracking of the desired reference and identifies the unknown parameters."

Keyword : Adaptive control, antilock braking system, nonlinear control, real-time simulation

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