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Positioning Control of an Underwater Robot with Tilting Thrusters via Decomposition of Thrust Vector

Jeongae Bak, Hai-Nyuyen Nyuyen, Sangyul Park, Dongjun Lee, TaeWon Seo, Sangrok Jin*, and Jongwon Kim*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 5, pp.2283-2291, 2017

Abstract : "Positioning control of an underwater robot is a challenging problem due to the high disturbances of ocean flow. To overcome the high disturbance, a new underwater robot with tilting thrusters was proposed previously, which can compensate for disturbance by focusing the thrusting force in the direction of the disturbance. However, the tilting motion of the thrusters makes the system nonlinear, and the limited tilting speed sometimes makes the robot unstable. Therefore, an optimized controller is necessary. A new positioning controller is proposed for this robot using a vector decomposition method. Based on the dynamic model, the nonlinear force input term of the tilting thrusters is decomposed in the horizontal and vertical directions. Based on the decomposition, the solution is determined by a pseudo-inverse and null-space solution. Using the characteristics of the decomposed input matrix, the final solution can be found by solving a simple second-order algebraic equation to overcome the limitations of the tilting speed. The positioning was simulated to validate the proposed controller by comparing the results with a switching-based controller. Tracking results are also presented. In future work, a high-level control strategy will be developed to take advantage of the tilting thrusters by focusing the forcing direction toward the disturbance with a limited stability margin."

Keyword : Decomposition, positioning control, tilting thruster, underwater robot.

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