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Enhanced Transparency Dual-user Shared Control Teleoperation Architecture with Multiple Adaptive Dominance Factors

Zhenyu Lu, Panfeng Huang*, Pei Dai, Zhengxiong Liu and Zhongjie Meng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 5, pp.2301-2312, 2017

Abstract : "In traditional dual-user shared control teleoperation, the users’ operational transparency is influenced by the dominance factora. Especially when a = 1 and a = 0 the trainer or trainee cannot receive any information form the slave side. For enlarging the control flexibility and enhancing the system transparency, a novel method with multiple adaptive dominance factors is proposed in this paper. An ideal application of this method is on-line operation and supervision. The supervisor and operator can adjust the factors and switch the operation roles and states freely. Once the slave robot handled by the operator diverges from the planned path, the dominance factors will change adaptive to limit the operator’s movement. The adaptive principles are concluded from the dynamic performance measured by the measuring functions. The conclusions suggest that the varying range of the system dynamic performance is wider than the traditional method. In addition, considering the time delays between the slave and master sides, we proved the system stability conditions covering all the range of dominance factors. Finally, we make a discussion of the applying area of the novel shared control architecture."

Keyword : Multiple dominance factors, stability conditions, teleoperation, time delay, transparency.

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