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Robust Proportional-Derivative Control on SO(3) with Disturbance Compensation for Quadrotor UAV

Andreas P. Sandiwan, Adha Cahyadi, Samiadji Herdjunanto*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 5, pp.2329-2342, 2017

Abstract : "This paper presents a control law that can counter both random disturbance and inertia matrix perturbation in quadrotor attitude stabilization. The control law consists of an ordinary proportional-derivative control and a disturbance compensation. The disturbance compensation is designed by creating a virtual force that always attracts the quadrotor’s state variables back to the equilibrium point. Numerical simulations demonstrate that the control law can counter the effect of the disturbance and perturbation by reducing the upper bound of solution and reducing the vibration effectively."

Keyword : Disturbance compensation, proportional-derivative (PD) control, quadrotor, rotation in SO(3).

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