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Observer-based Distributed Coordinated Tracking Control for Multiple Simple-pendulum Network Systems with Time-varying Delays

Yu-lian Jiang, Yuan-chun Li, and Shen-quan Wang*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 6, pp.2516-2525, 2017

Abstract : "For networked control systems consisting of multiple simple-pendulums driven by corresponding DC motors with time-varying communication and input delays, a distributed coordinated controller via observer-based output feedback is designed to solve the tracking problem under both fixed and jointly-connected switching topologies. Firstly, the linearized dynamic model for multiple nonlinear simple-pendulum network systems with DC motors is presented, and the distributed coordinated tracking problem considering time-varying input delays is mathematically described. Then the distributed observer-based tracking control protocol with time-varying communication and input delays is proposed, and simultaneously, both the observer gain and feedback gain are designed. Two examples are simulated to demonstrate consensus tracking for three types of states, i.e., swing angles, angular velocities of multiple simple-pendulums and armature currents of DC motors can be completed utilizing the developed coordinated tracking control with fixed and jointly connected topologies."

Keyword : Observers, simple-pendulum network system, time-varying delay, tracking control.

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