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Obstacle Avoidance Extremum Seeking Control based on Constrained Derivative-free Optimization

Tuvshinbayar Chantsalnyam, Jong Ho Park, Woon Chul Ham, Chan Ho Han* and Kil To Chong*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 15, no. 6, pp.2551-2560, 2017

Abstract : "A new control scheme based on extremum seeking control (ESC) which employs a constrained derivative-free optimization algorithm has been proposed in this paper. A theorem has been formulated to prove the convergence result of ESC based on constrained derivative-free optimization. Generalized pattern search method with filter algorithm for constraint is used to generate a sequence of ESC control state. Since generalized pattern search (GPS) method does not require continuously differentiable and Lipschitz conditions, noise cancellation algorithm is added to the proposed ESC algorithm which is then used for multi-agent robot system. The obstacles are expressed as constraint functions instead of the traditional way of calculating the performance function of obstacles. Simulation results illustrate a multi-agent obstacle avoidance system which utilized the control algorithm to avoid obstacles that appear on the path of multi-agent robots. Based on the simulation results, it can be observed that multi-agents maintain their formation as per initial condition and follow the target without colliding into obstacles while navigating in a noisy environment. Performance comparison of the proposed algorithm with a reference algorithm shows the efficiency of the proposed algorithm."

Keyword : "Constrained optimization, derivative-free, extremum seeking control, generalized pattern search algorithm, multi-agents."

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