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Identification of Optimal Set of Driver Nodes in Complex Networked Systems Using Region of Attraction

Ram Niwash Mahia*, Mahaveer Singh, and Deepak M. Fulwani
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.97-107, 2018

Abstract : "A controllable networked system is steered from an initial state to the desired state with the help of a set of driver nodes. The set of driver nodes used to control a networked system may not be unique. There exist multiple set of driver nodes which may be utilized to control the networked system. This is imperative to characterize these sets of driver nodes for identification of an optimal set of driver nodes. This paper presents mathematical formulation and two algorithms using the Region of Attraction (ROA) to identify an optimal set of driver nodes. Optimal set of driver nodes is identified to maximize the stability region. For any practical networked systems, driver node has limited actuating capacity, this paper consider this limitation a priori. The proposed mathematical formulation and algorithms are verified with the help of numerical examples using the MATLAB simulation. The proposed algorithms have been validated by applying on a robotic network."

Keyword : Complex networked systems, optimal set of driver nodes, region of attraction, saturation control.

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