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Dual-side Event-triggered Output Feedback H∞ Control for NCS with Communication Delays

Fuqiang Li*, Lisai Gao, Gensheng Dou and Baozhou Zheng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.108-119, 2018

Abstract : "This paper studies the dual-side event-triggered output feedback H∞ control for networked control system with network-induced delays. Unlike continuous-time event-triggered mechanism (ETM) or state-dependent ETM, the discrete dual-side ETMs are firstly proposed by using plant output and controller output, respectively, which effectively reduce transmission rate of sampled data in both sensor-to-controller and controller-to-actuator channels. Then, the closed-loop system is modelled as a time-delay system, which characterizes effects of the dual-side ETMs and networked-induced delays in a unified framework. Based on the system model, asymptotic stability criterion satisfying H∞ performance is derived, and conservatism is reduced by the delay decomposition method and reciprocally convex approach. Moreover, a co-design scheme is presented to design the dual-side ETMs and controller simultaneously, which is more convenient than two-step design method requiring controllers to be given a priori. Finally, examples confirm effectiveness of the proposed method."

Keyword : "Co-design, dynamic output feedback control, event-triggered mechanism, H∞ control, networked control system."

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