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Stochastic Stability for a Class of Discrete-time Switched Neural Networks with Stochastic Noise and Time-varying Mixed Delays

Ying Cui, Yurong Liu*, Wenbing Zhang, and Fuad E. Alsaadi
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.158-167, 2018

Abstract : "In this paper, stochastic stability is analyzed for a class of discrete-time switched neural networks, in which time-varying mixed delays and stochastic noise are considered. Specifically, benefitting from the triple summation term included in a new Lyapunov functional, time-varying distributed delays are tackled and a criterion of decay estimation for a non-switched neural network is firstly obtained. Subsequently, in view of average dwell time methodology and stochastic analysis, several sufficient conditions are obtained to ensure that the stochastic stability problem is solvable. Furthermore, the derived sufficient conditions reflect that the decay rate of the considered neural networks has a close relationship with average dwell time, upper and lower bounds of delays and intensity of stochastic noise. Finally, validity of the inferred conclusions is given by a simulated example."

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