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Hybrid Scheduling and Quantized Output Feedback Control for Networked Control Systems

Tengli Wang, Chuan Zhou*, Hui Lu, Junda He, and Jian Guo
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.197-206, 2018

Abstract : "A novel co-design scheme of hybrid scheduling strategy, adaptive logarithmic quantizer and dynamic robust H-infinity output feedback controller for a class of networked control system (NCS)with communication constraints and time delay is proposed. The hybrid scheduling scheme integrates dead zone scheduling and Try Once Discard (TOD) scheduling so as to get the stronger adaptability and flexibility than the single scheduling. In this scheme, dead zone scheduling which updates the threshold according to mode-dependent control strategy is used for single node of NCS to reduce the network bandwidth utilization while TOD scheduling is used for the whole node of NCS in order to meet the requirements of communication constraints and guarantee the overall system performance.We develop the integrated design for the hybrid scheduling strategy, adaptive quantizer and dynamic robust output feedback controller to maintain asymptotic stability of the closed-loop NCS by using the multiple-Lyapunov function and switched system theory. The proposed method can improve the the quality of service (QoS) meanwhile ensure the quality of control (QoC) of overall systems, which make a better trade-off between network utilization and control performance. An simulation example demonstrates the efficiency of the proposed method."

Keyword : Co-design, communication constraints, hybrid scheduling, networked control systems.

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