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Robust Control of Spacecraft: Application to an Actuated Simulator

Maryam Malekzadeh
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 2, pp.896-903, 2018

Abstract : "In this article, a hardware-in-the-loop implementation of two robust controllers based on high-order sliding mode and m-synthesis method are performed and compared in terms of performance and functionality. The spacecraft simulator consists of a free-floating platform hinged on a spherical air-bearing support. The proposed scheme makes full use of adaptive super twisting algorithm to alleviate the chattering effects without increasing the control effort; both controllers are adapted to deal with the saturation of reaction wheels with respect to momentum and its rate of change. The ab-initio simulations compared well with the simulator responses, implying that involved instruments including actuators and sensors have been properly emulated. This also proved that the external disturbances were modeled in a reliable manner. The robustness and effectiveness of the proposed scheme have been validated experimentally under extreme circumstances and uncertainties."

Keyword : Adaptive super twisting algorithm, m-synthesis robust control, Spacecraft simulator.

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