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High-speed Rotor’s Mechanical Design and Stable Suspension Based on Inertia-ratio for Gyroscopic Effect Suppression

Jiqiang Tang*, Shaopu Zhao, Ying Wang, and Kuo Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 4, pp.1577-1591, 2018

Abstract : "The rotor’s stable suspension is one of significant requirements for a magnetically suspended control momentum gyroscope (MSCMG), the gyroscopic effect is one of rotor’s prominent characteristics. To find out the relationship between rotor’s structure and gyroscopic effect, the inertia-ratio is originally presented and the relationship between the inertia-ratio and gyroscopic effects is researched. To improve the rotor’s suspension stability, the cross feedback control (CFC) method is researched based on modeling the suspension system of rotor and point out that only distributed PID control cannot make rotor’s suspension be stable due to the whirling. To suppress the gyroscopic effects more effectively and sustain the stable suspension within a wider speed range, a CFC method with pre-modulated gains is presented. All research results verify that this presented CFC method can effectively suppress the rotor’s vibration caused by its gyroscopic effects. Experimental results also indicate that a large inertiaratio is helpful to suppress rotor’s gyroscopic effect and can enhance the suspension stability to some extent. In addition, a rotor with angular momentum 200 Nms is designed for a MSCMG by optimizing its inertia-ratio. This paper will provide helpful hint for the research of high-speed rotor’s mechanical design and stable suspension."

Keyword : Cross feedback control (CFC), gyroscopic effect, high-speed rotor, inertia-ratio, precession, nutation.

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