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Guidance Laws against Towed Decoy Based on Adaptive Back-stepping Sliding Mode and Anti-saturation Methods

Ji-Peng Dong, Jing-Guang Sun, Yong Guo, and Shen-Min Song*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 4, pp.1724-1735, 2018

Abstract : "In order to meet the needs of high-precision guidance for missile-guided maneuvering targets in the presence of towed bait interference, this paper proposes a new guidance strategy based on heading angle method and parallel approaching method. Its main idea: a suitable angle is determined by heading angle method which of the missile trajectory is above that of the towing bait. Meanwhile, the accurate interception of missiles to targets is guaranteed by parallel approaching method. Firstly, system models of missile and target with towed decoy are established. Then, considering unknown bounded system disturbances, a controller is given based on sliding mode, back-stepping method. Furthermore, to solve the input saturation problem, an anti-saturation controller is given using adaptive and back-stepping sliding mode methods. Finally, strict proofs of the two controllers are given using Lyapunov stability theory, and simulations are carried out to verify the effectiveness of the two controllers."

Keyword : "Adaptive control, finite time control, guidance law design, terminal sliding mode control, towed decoy missile."

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