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The Design of Ship Formation Based on a Novel Disturbance Rejection Control

Yun Li* and Jian Zheng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 16, no. 4, pp.1833-1839, 2018

Abstract : "Ship formation is the common form of maritime transport, reconnaissance, and rescue, which composes the uniform formation through the coordination of individual ship motion, but it is vulnerable to external disturbances in the regulation, causing the floating of position. In view of the interference of ship adjustment, and considering the principles of active disturbance rejection, a novel disturbance rejection control was designed, combining with the artificial potential field algorithm, which applying the feedback of spacing error, to improve the impact of spacing disturbance. And then adjust the speed and course of the individual ship by sliding mode control with disturbance observer, resisting the interference of ship formation and guaranteeing the performance of ship formation. Finally analyzing and comparing the state diachronic trend of ship formation by the simulation verification, the ship state achieves consistency, reaching the goal of ship spacing and maintaining the stability of formation, which obtain good results and verify the effectiveness of algorithm."

Keyword : Artificial potential field, disturbance rejection control, leader/follower method, multi-vessel formation.

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