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Integral Sliding Mode based Control for Quadrotors with Disturbances: Simulations and Experiments

Tao Jiang*, Tao Song, and Defu Lin
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 8, pp.1987-1998, 2019

Abstract : This work proposes a compound control which combines backstepping control and integral sliding mode (ISM) idea. The backstepping framework is adopted to guarantee nominal performance of the closed-loop system, while the use of ISM is to eliminate the adverse effect of perturbations such that nominal performance is recovered. To avoid the chattering problem of ISM control, novel multivariable super-twisting algorithm is introduced to attenuate this phenomenon. Furthermore, the proposed control law is applied to tackle trajectory tracking problem of quadrotors subjected to parameter uncertainties and external perturbations. To avoid the singularity of rotation dynamics, quaternion-based control is applied in attitude controller design. A rigorous proof for stability of the closed-loop system is derived by the Lyapunov theory. Finally, several comparative simulations and experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed method.

Keyword : Integral sliding mode (ISM), multivariable super-twisting, quadrotor helicopter, quaternion-based control, trajectory tracking.

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