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Prediction-observer Scheme for Linear Systems with Input-output Time-delay

Varinia Fragoso-Rubio*, Martín Velasco-Villa, Miguel A. Hernández-Pérez, Basilio del Muro-Cuéllar, and Juan Francisco Márquez-Rubio
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 17, no. 8, pp.2012-2025, 2019

Abstract : This work deals with the prediction and control problems associated with a class of linear systems with time-delay at the input-output path. A general prediction observer scheme that estimates the future value of the delayed system from the output is proposed. Later, a full-information predictor-observer is introduced and the convergence of the estimated future values is formally proven for a time-delay τ of any size by increasing the dimension of the proposed predictor-observer. The estimated future state is used to design a feedback law that compensates the delay effects on the original system. The performance of the prediction-observation control strategy is shown by means of numerical simulations. Thus, it is illustrated that the performance of the proposed full-information predictor-observer is improved with respect to the sequential sub-predictors previously presented in the literature.

Keyword : Control, linear systems, prediction problem, time-delay.

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