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Virtual Reality-Based Control of Robotic Endoscope in Laparoscopic Surgery

Yeeun Jo, Yoon Jae Kim, Minwoo Cho, Chiwon Lee, Myungjoon Kim, Hye-Min Moon, and Sungwan Kim*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 1, pp.150-162, 2020

Abstract : Robotic laparoscopic surgery has provided various benefits, but during the surgery, the surgeons are experiencing uncomfortable positioning issue which leads to neck pain and back pain. So, for an enhanced & efficient ergonomic robot- assisted surgery, a novel virtual reality (VR)-based endoscope control system (ECS) is proposed in this research. The overall system in this study is composed of a da Vinci research kit (dVRK), 4-degree-of-freedom ECS, three-dimensional endoscope, and VR headset with a built-in attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) module. Also, the proposed VR headset could replace a stereo viewer in the dVRK which could reduce the size of surgical robot system. Furthermore, the three dimensional endoscope could be controlled by a built-in AHRS module in the VR headset. The proposed system has been verified with four novice volunteers. They showed rapid learning through the peg-transfer task. Additionally, a collision avoidance strategy for VR-based ECS control was developed and verified by performing computer-based simulations. The ergonomic VR-based ECS proposed in this research could greatly reduce surgeon’s pains in both neck and back which potentially reduce surgeon’s workload during the surgery.

Keyword : Collision avoidance, dVRK, ergonomic system, robot-assisted surgery, virtual reality

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