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Optimal LQG Control for Networked Control Systems with Remote and Local Controllers

Xiao Liang, Juanjuan Xu, Xiao Lu*, Qingyuan Qi*, Haixia Wang, Rong Gao
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 1, pp.236-244, 2020

Abstract : We consider the finite horizon optimal LQG control problem for networked control systems with a remote controller, a local controller and communication channels with packet dropouts and transmission delays. The local controller can directly observe state signals and send them to the remote controller via a packet-dropout channel. Then the remote controller sends the received measurement signals to the local controller. Afterwards, the two controllers operate the plant through a delayed channel. The contributions of this paper are as follows: Firstly, at the side of the remote controller, we develop an optimal estimator to show that the separation principle holds. Secondly, we derive a non- homogeneous relationship between the state and the costate of systems in virtue of the maximum principle. Finally, a necessary and sufficient condition for the optimal control problem is derived in terms of the two coupled Riccati equations. Numerical examples are employed to illustrate the theoretical results.

Keyword : Delay, maximum principle, optimal control, packet dropout, remote and local controllers

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