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Fault-tolerant Compensation Control Based on Sliding Mode Technique of Unmanned Marine Vehicles Subject to Unknown Persistent Ocean Disturbances

Li-Ying Hao, He Zhang, Wei Yue*, and Hui Li
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 3, pp.739-752, 2020

Abstract : This paper is concerned with a robust adaptive fault-tolerant compensation control problem based on sliding mode technique for an unmanned marine vehicle (UMV) with thruster faults and unknown persistent ocean disturbances. A general thruster fault model including partial, total and time-varying stuck is built for the first time. Once the thrusters occur unknown and time-varying stuck faults, the mission of the UMV may be canceled. To avoid it, full-rank decomposition of the thruster configuration matrix is made, based on which a linear sliding surface is constructed and adaptive mechanism is incorporated into sliding mode reaching law. Without the prior knowledge of ocean external disturbances, sliding mode stability is analyzed and a sufficient stability condition through H∞ technique is given. Further the nonlinear unit vector gain of the adaptive sliding mode fault-tolerant compensation controller is designed to ensure the UMV system errors converge to zero independent of fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) mechanism. Finally, the comparison simulation results through a typical floating production ship are shown to testify the feasibility of the presented method.

Keyword : Fault-tolerant control, persistent disturbances, sliding mode control, thruster faults, unmanned marine vehicle.

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