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H∞ Containment Control of Multi-agent Systems with Random Communication Time-varying Delay

Minhong He and Xiaowu Mu*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 4, pp.922-929, 2020

Abstract : This paper investigates the H∞ containment control problem of multi-agent systems with random communication time-delay. The information exchanges between the agents are supposed to be randomly delayed, characterized by a Bernoulli distribution sequence. And a neighbor-based protocol with random communication delay is proposed. As external perturbation exits broadly in many practical systems, the paper deals with it by using H∞ control theory. By applying stochastic technique, Lyapunov analysis and the free-weighting matrices technique, theoretical results show that the followers will ultimately converge to the convex hull spanned by the leaders in the mean square sense with a prescribed H∞ performance index. Finally, a numerical example is given to demonstrate the validity of the theoretical results.

Keyword : Containment control, H∞ control, multi-agent systems, random time delay.

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