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Decentralized Adaptive Event-triggered Control for Nonlinear Interconnected Systems in Strict-feedback Form

Yuehui Ji*, Hailiang Zhou, and Qun Zong
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 4, pp.980-990, 2020

Abstract : The decentralized event triggered control problem is investigated for nonlinear interconnected systems in strict-feedback form subjected to parametric uncertainty. For each subsystem in the interconnected systems, the decentralized adaptive backstepping controller is designed to guarantee that the tracking error is semi-globally ultimately bounded. The control update and parameter estimate action are aperiodical executed only when the desired control specifications cannot be ensured, drastically reducing the computational burden and the transmission cost. It can be proved that zeno phenomenon is avoided as a positive lower bound on the minimal inter-sample time exists. The impulsive dynamical systems tools and Lyapunov analysis are introduced to prove the stability property for closed-loop system. Finally, a numerical simulation example is included to validate the effectiveness of the control scheme.

Keyword : Decentralized adaptive control, event-triggered control, impulsive dynamical systems, nonlinear interconnected systems.

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