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Study on the Handling Qualities Enhancement of Fixed-wing Aircraft Using Adaptive Neural Network

Do Hyeon Lee, Chang-Joo Kim*, Sung Wook Hur, and Seong Han Lee
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 4, pp.1061-1074, 2020

Abstract : This paper intends to propose the integrated design framework of a model-following controller (MFC) combined with both an adaptive neural network (ANN) and a linear observer to enhance the handling qualities (HQ) of a fixed-wing aircraft. To achieve this objective, the HQ requirements (HQRs) applicable to a light sports aircraft and the controller structure have been defined. And, the controller design parameters are optimized to meet HQRs using the CONDUITr. Thereby, the integrated design environment can determine the control gains and ANN’s tuning parameters in an optimum manner and the level of HQ achievable with the designed parameters can be automatically evaluated. The paper tries to clarify the effect of the ANN with the linear observer on the HQ enhancement. To achieve this, the control laws in the attitude command response types have been designed and their tracking performances are investigated with and without ANN elements to identify the improved HQ with the ANN. In addition, a series of comparative simulation studies on the effects of external disturbances on the attitude tracking performance are carried out to show the enhanced robustness with the proposed controller structure. The results show that the ANN control can dramatically improve the level of HQ and provide the favorable robustness to external disturbances. Therefore, the results of the present study can provide the efficient ways of the HQ enhancement by adopting the ANN in the conventional MFC structure and by designing the controller parameters with the integrated design processes of CONDUITr.

Keyword : Adaptive neural network, Euler conversion, handling quality, model following controller.

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