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Partial Feedback Linearization Double-loop Control for a Pseudo-2D Ridable Ballbot

Dinh Ba Pham, Ihn-Sik Weon, and Soon-Geul Lee*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 5, pp.1310-1323, 2020

Abstract : A ridable ballbot has unstable underactuated dynamics with nonholonomic velocity constraints and input coupling case. Such a robot can carry people and move in any direction on the floor. In this study, a pseudo-2D dynamic model of the ridable ballbot is derived. An improved nonlinear double-loop control system combined with the partial feedback linearization (PFL) technique is proposed for the ridable ballbot, which allows it to balance and transfer. Feedforward compensation is added to the controller to consider uncertainties, friction, and disturbances. Numerical simulations and experiments show the validity of the PFL double-loop control based on the pseudo-2D dynamic model.

Keyword : Double-loop control, feedforward control, Lyapunov, partial feedback linearization, ridable ballbot, underactuated system.

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