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A High Precision Compound Control Scheme Based on Non-singular Terminal Sliding Mode and Extended State Observer for an Aerial Inertially Stabilized Platform

Xiangyang Zhou*, Yanjun Shi, Lingling Li, Ruifang Yu*, and Libo Zhao
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 6, pp.1498-1509, 2020

Abstract : This paper presents a high precision compound control scheme based on non-singular terminal sliding mode and extended state observer (ESO) for an aerial inertially stabilized platform (ISP) to suppress the effects of multi-source disturbances on the control performance of the ISP. Firstly, a non-singular terminal sliding mode controller is proposed to achieve high disturbance rejection ability, by which the multi-source disturbances are integrally suppressed as an aggregate disturbance. And then, to restrain the chattering effect of the sliding mode control, a disturbance compensation scheme based on the extended state observer is proposed. By the ESO, the disturbances are observed and compensated in real time and hence the chattering effect is significantly alleviated. Meanwhile, a parameter configuration method is proposed to simplify the ESO design. To verify the method, simulations and experiments are conducted. The results show that the proposed compound control scheme has excellent ability in both disturbance rejection and chattering reduction, by which the stabilization precision of the ISP is improved significantly.

Keyword : Aerial remote sensing, chattering reduction, disturbance rejection, extended state observer, inertially stabilized platform, non-singular terminal sliding mode.

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