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On-line Self Tuning of Contouring Control for High Accuracy Robot Manipulators under Various Operations

Kelin Li, Sudchai Boonto*, and Thanana Nuchkrua
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 7, pp.1818-1828, 2020

Abstract : We present the method of online self-tuning PD controller for the problem of contouring control of robot manipulators. Previously, the dynamics of the robot is transformed into dynamic errors problem by considering the equivalent errors method. It becomes the control problem of stabilization such that it is suitable for advanced control to improve control performance regarding contouring control, i.e., contour accuracy with high speed. Conventional PD tuned by the fuzzy controller with robust extended Kalman filter where it was acting as the robust adaptive controller is utilized to stabilize that control problem. It could determine the stationary point of different processes without knowing prior. In practice, the proposed controller is easily dealt with the problem of stabilization. The experiment results reveal that the proposed technique yields excellent performance under a large disturbance.

Keyword : Contouring control, fuzzy control, on-line self tuning, robot manipulator

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