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Lyapunov Self-triggered Controller for Nonlinear Trajectory Tracking of Unicycle-type Robot

Carlos Santos*, Felipe Espinosa, Enrique Santiso, and David Gualda
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 7, pp.1829-1838, 2020

Abstract : This paper focuses on the design and implementation of an aperiodic control of nonholonomic robots tracking nonlinear trajectories. The main objective of our controller is to reduce the number of updates while preserving control performance guarantees. To solve the problem in a more efficient way, we design two aperiodic control solutions, one to reach a target point and a second to track a predefined nonlinear trajectory. Unlike most previous work, our triggering condition only updates the controller when the time derivative of the Lyapunov function becomes non-negative, without taking into account the measurement error. Multiple simulated results with different initial conditions are included, showing how our control solution significantly reduces the need for communication in comparison with periodic and other aperiodic strategies while preserving a desired tracking performance. To validate the proposal experimental tests of each control technique with a P3-DX robot remotely controlled through an IEEE 802.11g wireless network are also carried out.

Keyword : Lyapunov-based controller, nonlinear trajectory-tracking, self-triggered, semiglobal practical stability

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