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Signal Transformed Internal Model Control for Non-raster Scanning of Piezo-actuated Nanopositioning Stages

Jie Ling, Zhao Feng, Min Ming, Zhao Guo, and Xiaohui Xiao*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 8, pp.1915-1925, 2020

Abstract : "This paper proposes a new signal transformed internal model control (STIMC) scheme for non-raster scanning patterns of piezo-actuated nanopositioning stages. To smooth the scanning signals superimposed with a ramp or time-varying amplitudes, a signal transformation operator is calculated to convert the references into standard harmonic waveforms. An inverse transformation operator is then added in the control loop to generate the driving signals. For the contained internal model control (IMC) design, an H∞ mixed-sensitivity method is utilized for the first order internal mode synthesis. A second and a third internal modes are included in the IMC for alleviating residual high-frequency errors resulted from the nonlinearity of hysteresis. To verify the proposed STIMC scheme, comparative experiments with conventional IMC are conducted based on a nanopositioning platform. Results prove that the STIMC is effective on non-raster signals’ tracking. A same tracking precision for Lissajous scanning can be obtained by STIMC compared with IMC. An improvement of larger than 50% and 80% of root-mean-square errors can be obtained for cycloid and spiral scanning patterns, respectively.

Keyword : Internal model control, nanopositioning stage, non-raster scanning, signal transformed method.

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