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Trajectory Planning with Collision Avoidance for Redundant Robots Using Jacobian and Artificial Potential Field-based Real-time Inverse Kinematics

Sun-Oh Park, Min Choel Lee*, and Jaehyung Kim
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 8, pp.2095-2107, 2020

Abstract : This study proposes an algorithm for combining the Jacobian-based numerical approach with a modified potential field to solve real-time inverse kinematics and path planning problems for redundant robots in unknown environments. With an increase in the degree of freedom (DOF) of the manipulator, however, the problems in realtime inverse kinematics become more difficult to solve. Although the analytical and geometrical inverse kinematics approach can obtain the exact solution, it is considerably difficult to solve as the DOF increases, and it necessitates recalculations whenever the robot arm DOF or Denavit–Hartenberg (D–H) parameters change. In contrast, the numerical method, particularly the Jacobian-based numerical method, can easily solve inverse kinematics irrespective of the aforementioned changes including those in the robot shape. The latter method, however, is not employed in path planning for collision avoidance, and it presents real-time calculation problems. This study accordingly proposes the Jacobian-based numerical approach with a modified potential field method that can realize real-time calculations of inverse kinematics and path planning with collision avoidance irrespective of whether the case is redundant or non-redundant.

Keyword : Inverse kinematics, Jacobian, obstacle avoidance, path planning, potential field.

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