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Congestion Tracking Control for Wireless TCP/AQM Network Based on Adaptive Integral Backstepping

Lujuan Ma, Xiaoping Liu*, Huanqing Wang, and Yucheng Zhou
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 18, no. 9, pp.2289-2296, 2020

Abstract : This paper extends the backstepping control strategy to wireless Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) network to solve the Active Queue Management (AQM) problem. Different from the wired network, the uplink and downlink of the wireless network are asymmetric and the packet loss may be caused by congestion and may occurs during the transmission over wireless links. Inspired by the existing backstepping design idea for a wired network model, an adaptive tracking controller is proposed to deal with the congestion problem in wireless network. The uplink and downlink packet losses are estimated by adaptive update laws. The presented method provides satisfactory tracking performance in the network. Meanwhile, the packet loss is small. The simulation results show the feasibility of the proposed method.

Keyword : Active queue management, backstepping, congestion control, wireless network.

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