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Innovative Analysis for Parameter Estimation Quality

Marina B. A. Souza*, Leonardo de Mello Honório, and Edimar José de Oliveira
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 1, pp.363-371, 2021

Abstract : This paper performs an analysis of the solution space influence of a nonlinear dynamic system on the parameter estimation quality. For parameters estimation, the proposed approach uses an Optimal Input Design (OID) as the Suboptimal Excitation Signal Generation and Optimal Parameter Estimation (SOESGOPE). Based on the studies of a small mobile robot that is represented by a parametric mathematical model indicate that the model reliability level maximizes using the shortest set of parameters. Applications, qualities, and limitations of the method are analyzed considering the solution space. Through an in-depth analysis of the identification process of a differential mobile robot, the paper becomes a reference for a review of a nonlinear dynamic system, aiming to select the most suitable model for the identification process.

Keyword : Nonlinear systems, optimal parameter design, parameter identification, solution space influence

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