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Adaptive Nonsingular Integral-type Second Order Terminal Sliding Mode Tracking Controller for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

Saleh Mobayen*, Hamede Karami, and Afef Fekih
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 4, pp.1539-1549, 2021

Abstract : Achieving accurate and reliable tracking control for nonlinear systems with uncertainties and disturbances is one of the most challenging problems in nonlinear control. In this paper, we propose an adaptive nonsingular integral-type second order terminal sliding mode tracking control for nonlinear systems with uncertainties. First an integral type sliding manifold is defined to ensure finite time tracking convergence. Then an adaptation mechanism is proposed to estimate the unknown uncertainty upper bound. Finally, the adaptive nonsingular integral-type second order terminal sliding mode controller is synthesized without any assumptions about the uncertainties. System stability is proven using the Lyapunov stability theorem. Its performance is assessed using a thruster system and an inverted pendulum. Chattering attenuation, finite time convergence and disturbance mitigation are among the positive features of the proposed approach. Additionally, eliminating the need for the upper bound knowledge resulted in a design that can practically be implemented to a wide range of applications.

Keyword : Adaptive nonsingular control, nonlinear system, second order sliding mode, terminal sliding mode, tracking control.

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