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Anti-collision and Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Sensor-plus-actuator Networks over Distributed Parameter Systems with Time-varying Delay

Huansen Fu*, Baotong Cui, Bo Zhuang, and Jianzhong Zhang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 7, pp.2373-2384, 2021

Abstract : This paper addresses the anti-collision problem among mobile sensors-actuators, and settles the obstacle avoidance trouble between dynamic sensors-actuators and erratic obstacles in mobile sensor-actuator networks, which are based on a class of distributed parameter systems with time-varying delay. Initially, the radar obstacle avoidance technology is evolved into an obstacle avoidance function, combined with the anti-collision function. Subsequently, the static output feedback controller of distributed parameter systems is established. Then, by using the abstract development equation theory, operator semigroup approach and Lyapunov stability arguments, the stability analysis of the distributed parameter systems with time-varying delay is carried out. Moreover, an iterative and continuous control force on account of Newton’s second law is constructed, which makes anti-collision and obstacle avoidance control of mobile sensors-actuators be realized, and accelerates the state of this delayed system to be stable. Finally, numerical simulation results indicate that the proposed control strategy is effective.

Keyword : Anti-collision, distributed parameter system, mobile sensor-actuator networks, obstacle avoidance, time-varying delay.

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