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Sliding Mode Control for the Regulation Problem of an Aerodynamic Angular System: Experimental Platform and Validation

Christian Castro Martínez, Juan Carlos Ávila-Vilchis, Juan Manuel Jacinto-Villegas, Belem Saldivar, and Adriana H. Vilchis-González
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 7, pp.2395-2405, 2021

Abstract : Based on a previous theoretical work, this paper focuses on the experimental validation of a sliding mode control (SMC) technique applied to an aerodynamic angular system (AAS). To do so, an aerodynamic experimental platform is presented together with its electronic interface and its closed-loop behavior generated by the aforementioned SMC strategy. The control performance is widely reviewed under different regulation tasks and gain variations. Experimental results prove that the control strategy guarantees a stable behavior. Moreover, the robustness of the control strategy is proved when the system is subject to the influence of external disturbances.

Keyword : Aerodynamic system, nonlinear systems, sliding mode control.

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