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Modeling and Analysis of Temperature Compensation for Multitemperature Zone Sintering Furnace Temperature Sensing

Xiaoyue Sang, Zhaohui Yuan*, Xiaojun Yu*, Muhammad Tariq Sadiq, Na Liang, Noman Naseer, and GaoXi Xiao
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 7, pp.2431-2443, 2021

Abstract : The surface temperature of workpieces in a multi-temperature zone sintering furnace is an important parameter to characterize the performances of a multi-temperature zone system. Due to the practical structural properties of the sintering furnace, however, the conventional way of temperature measurement cannot detect the exact surface temperature of the workpieces directly, making it difficult to control the multi-temperature zone system performances precisely. To address such an issue, this paper proposes, for the first time to the best of our knowledge, a temperature compensation algorithm based soft-measurement technique to compensate for the temperature of the measuring points. Specifically, we analyze the heat-transfer mechanism within the electric heating surface and the workpiece surface and establish a mathematical model for it first, and then calculate the radiative heat transfer coefficient between the diffuse gray surface within sintering furnace using the discrete radiation heat transfer method. Finally, the heat transfer mechanism based soft measurement technique is proposed and applied to compensate for the temperature. Both simulations and experiments with a practical sintering furnace are conducted to verify the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed temperature compensation algorithm in different cases. Results show that the proposed algorithm could help maintain the temperature difference within a range limit of ±5◦, which is much better as compared with the conventional temperature measurement methods.

Keyword : Mechanism modeling, multi-temperature zone, temperature compensation, temperature sensor.

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