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Rejection and Attenuation of Multiple Disturbances for a Class of Uncertain Systems

Xin-Yu Wen*, Ruo-Fan Li, and Song-Yin Cao
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 7, pp.2511-2518, 2021

Abstract : A novel anti-disturbance strategy for a class of uncertain systems is investigated. Besides the unknown frequency sinusoidal, the controlled plant is subjected to bounded noise and unknown nonlinear term simultaneously. Through the construction of auxiliary observer, the sinusoidal is represented in a parametric uncertainty form. Only one unknown scalar needs estimating to construct compensation signal, meanwhile the unwanted nonlinear operation between frequency and equivalent disturbance can be removed. By integrating a feedback control law, all the unexpected dynamics can be rejected and attenuated respectively, where the conditions on the stability and optimal performance are also provided. Finally, a computer simulation example is presented to illustrate the effectiveness and the applicability of the suggested method.

Keyword : Disturbances, disturbance attenuation and rejection, disturbances observer, sinusoidal disturbance.

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