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Backstepping and Synergetic Controllers for the Chemotherapy of Brain Tumor

Muhammad Zubair, Iftikhar Ahmad*, and Yasir Islam
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 7, pp.2544-2556, 2021

Abstract : The treatment of brain tumors by chemotherapy through the controlled rate of drug has been a challenging task since long. Two nonlinear control algorithms: 1) synergetic 2) backstepping based controllers have been designed for the therapeutic agent in an updated mathematical model of brain tumor to reduce the tumor cells, to maintain a safe amount of healthy cells, to keep the immune cells above a certain value and ensure a suitable amount of drug during the therapy. Lyapunov stability theory has been used to analyze the system’s asymptotic stability and convergence of the tumor cells to their desired reference. Simulations have been performed in ODE45-Solver of Matlab/Simulink which show that chemotherapy using proposed controllers is effective enough to get the desired objectives.

Keyword : Backstepping, brain tumor, chemotherapy, nonlinear control, synergetic control.

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