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Reliability Analysis of Networked Control Systems with the Consideration of Operating Frequency

Meiqi Guo and Ruiying Li*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 19, no. 9, pp.3150-3158, 2021

Abstract : The operating frequency of the networked control system (NCS) determines both its control performance and heat flux density. Considering the significant effect of thermal stress on the reliability of electronics, a quantitative reliability analysis framework is proposed for NCSs with the consideration of its operating frequency. It includes 5 main steps: 1) Compute the power consumption of all its electronic components using circuit simulation; 2) obtain the thermal stress of these components by thermal simulation; 3) apply the thermal stress results to assess the reliability of components using the part stress analysis method; 4) calculate the reliability of the modules using reliability block diagrams; and 5) quantify the reliability of the NCS by combining the graph reduction method and other network reliability algorithms together. A double loop networked control system is used as an example to verify the effectiveness of our method.

Keyword : Circuit simulation, networked control system, operating frequency, part stress analysis method, reliability, reliability block diagram, thermal simulation, thermal stress.

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