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Min-max Control for Vibration Suppression of Mobile Manipulator with Active Suspension System

Dongil Choi
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 2, pp.618-626, 2022

Abstract : This paper introduces a method to control the vibration of mobile manipulator on the vertical direction. When the mobile manipulation moves on uneven road, the road disturbance affects the manipulation system. It is important to suppress the disturbance for the stability of manipulation system. The vibration damping control method of a simplified double inverted pendulum model is designed to suppress vertical disturbance. In the double inverted pendulum model, the system matrix contains parameter uncertainty due to the simplification of the model. To control this system, we use static output feedback with min-max control. By using the static output feedback with min-max control, the desired closed-loop stability can be achieved while effectively suppressing disturbance even in the presence of system uncertainty. We measure the actual road disturbance by using an accelerometer. In the simulation, we prove the measured ground disturbance is successfully suppressed by using our control method and demonstrated effectiveness of proposed control method through comparative simulations with LQR control.

Keyword : Active suspension, min-max control, mobile manipulator, vibration suppression.

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