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Scaled Consensus of Disturbed Multi-agent Systems with Output Saturation

Heng Lei, Tao Han*, Xi-Sheng Zhan, Jie Wu, and Huaicheng Yan
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 10, pp.3121-3128, 2022

Abstract : This paper studies the problem of scaled consensus with output saturation under exogenous disturbances, that is, under exogenous disturbances the state of the agent reaches an assigned proportion, rather than a common value. The main contribution of this work is to propose a new nonlinear protocol, which attenuates the exogenous disturbances by designing a disturbance observer, so that the states of all agents will be proportional to each other. In addition, with the help of integral Lyapunov function, a sufficient condition for the multi-agent system to achieve the scaled consensus with output saturation under exogenous disturbances is obtained under the directed strong connection graph. Finally, a simulation example is given to verify the validity of the results of this work.

Keyword : Disturbance observers, exogenous disturbances, multi-agent systems, output saturation, scaled consensus.

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