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Prescribed-time Group Consensus for Multiagent System Based on a Distributed Observer Approach

Lingfei Dai, Xin Chen, Liuxiao Guo*, Jiancheng Zhang, and Jing Chen
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 10, pp.3129-3137, 2022

Abstract : The prescribed-time observer-based control for the group consensus problems of multi-agent systems is first investigated in this paper. Distributed observers are designed to estimate the state information in any predefined time of physical allowance when the agent is assumed to be not available or unmeasurable. The prescribed-time control protocols including a group projective parameter are presented to achieve group consensus within a predetermined time, which is independent of system parameters and initial values. Based on algebraic graph theory, Lyapunov stability and matrix theory, sufficient conditions of the designed parameters are established to realize prescribed time group consensus under both undirected and directed topology networks. The effectiveness of the proposed approaches is confirmed by simulation verification.

Keyword : "Distributed observer approach, group consensus, multiagent system, prescribed-time consensus. "

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