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Decentralized Fault Tolerant Control for Modular Robot Manipulators via Integral Terminal Sliding Mode and Disturbance Observer

Zengpeng Lu, Yan Li, Xirui Fan, and Yuanchun Li*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 10, pp.3274-3284, 2022

Abstract : A novel decentralized fault tolerant approach for modular robot manipulators (MRMs) with external disturbances is proposed via an integral terminal sliding mode and disturbance observer. First, an integral terminal sliding mode control strategy is designed for fault tolerant control of MRMs system. Next, to eliminate the effect of uncertainty, radial basis function neural networks (RBFNN) and nonlinear disturbance observers (DO) are constructed to deal with the uncertainty of MRMs system, which includes the interconnected dynamic coupling (IDC), faults, external disturbance, friction terms, and the neural network estimation errors. And then, in order to reduce the chattering, the super twist algorithm (STA) is designed to enhance the dynamic performance of MRMs system. Based on the Lyapunov theory, the stability of MRMs system is demonstrated under the proposed decentralized fault tolerant control strategy. Finally, the effectiveness and advantages of the proposed algorithm are verified by constructing computer simulation.

Keyword : "Decentralized control, fault tolerant control, integral terminal sliding mode, modular robot manipulators. "

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