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Observer-based Fuzzy Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of IOCV with Actuator Faults and Saturation

Wei Yue*, Haoyang Shen, and Liyuan Wang
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 11, pp.3771-3787, 2022

Abstract : "The control strategy for Internet of Connected Vehicles (IOCV) with unidentified actuator faults and saturation is examined in this study. The IOCV system is represented by a third-order nonlinear model that takes into account the unknown nonlinear dynamics with time-varying faults and saturation. A fuzzy adaptive sliding mode (FASM) controller with a nonlinear disturbance observer has been developed based on the new model, and it can concurrently achieve the control goals of string stability and individual vehicle stability with zero initial spacing error. In addition, a novel modified constant time headway (MCTH) is proposed to address string instability caused by nonzero starting conditions. In order to confirm the superiority, numerical simulation and experiment are tested on Matlab and the IOCV made of four Ackermann cars. "

Keyword : "Actuator fault, FASM control, nonlinear IOCV systems, string stability. "

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