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Sensorless Speed Control of PMLSM via Adaptive Interconnected State Observer

Kang Wu* and Ying Lin
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 11, pp.3822-3831, 2022

Abstract : An adaptive interconnected state observer is proposed for the permanent magnet linear synchronous motor (PMLSM) with both unmeasurable state variables and external disturbances. The tracking controller without speed measurement is given via backstepping control method. The stator resistance that varies with the environment is taken as the extended state of one subsystem, and the total disturbance of the mechanical subsystem is as another extended state of the other. The system is transformed into the form of interconnected subsystem. An adaptive interconnected state observer based on Kalman filter is designed to estimate the unmeasurable state and the external disturbance of the system. The controller is designed to realize the sensorless speed tracking control. The simulation results shows the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.

Keyword : Adaptive interconnected state observer, backstepping control, permanent magnet linear synchronous motor, sensorless speed control.

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