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Robust Security Control Under Denial-of-service Jamming Attacks: An Event-triggered Sliding-mode Control Approach

Bo-Chao Zheng*, Lina Guo, Xiaoguang Liu, Zhou Gu, and Yangyang Zhao
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 12, pp.3892-3902, 2022

Abstract : Robust security problem for uncertain cyber-physical systems (CPSs) subject to periodic denial-ofservice (DoS) jamming attacks is investigated based on event-triggered (ET) sliding-mode control (SMC) approach in this paper. First, a new type of SMC approach driven by ET mechanism is constructed using the property of the period DoS jamming attacks. Then, sufficient conditions for robust stabilization of dynamical systems constrained by system parameters and attacks period are proposed. Further, it is proved that the execution time interval of the proposed ET-based SMC strategy has a positive lower bound, and thus Zeno-free behavior occurs during system evolution. Finally, comparisons results show the effectiveness and superiority of this methodology.

Keyword : Cyber-physical systems (CPSs), denial-of-service (DoS), event-triggered mechanism, sliding-mode control (SMC).

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