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Hybrid Stepper Motor: Model, Open-loop Test, Traditional PI, Optimized PI, and Optimized Gain Scheduled PI Controllers

B. Keerthi Priya*, D. Akhila Reddy, Wasim Ghder Soliman, A. Daisy Rani, Neelima Kalahasthi, and D. V. Rama Koti Reddy
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 12, pp.3915-3922, 2022

Abstract : In this paper, a hybrid stepper motor (HSM) model, open-loop control and closed-loop control are explained. To overcome the stepping nature of the HSM open-loop configuration, the closed-loop control is an essential task and is obtained with the help of the HSM mathematical model. Effective closed-loop control strategies are performed based on the field oriented control (FOC) after performing a Park transform. Those strategies are optimized PI controller and optimized gain scheduling PI controller in which the controller’s parameters are tuned optimally using a particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) with the integral absolute error (IAE), integral time absolute error (ITAE), and integral time square error (ITSE) performance indexes mean value as an objective function. Additionally, operation under no-load and loaded conditions are tested and compared with the traditional PI controller. The obtained results show that, under loaded conditions, the optimized gain scheduling PI controller gives better performance due to its adaptive nature.

Keyword : Controller design, hybrid stepper motor (HSM), optimized gain scheduling PI controller, optimized PI controller, performance indexes.

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