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Observer-based Adaptive Bipartite Time-varying Formation Tracking of Multi-agent System with Bounded Unknown Input

Xiaoyi Zhang, Jie Wu, Xisheng Zhan*, Tao Han, and Huaicheng Yan
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 20, no. 12, pp.3969-3978, 2022

Abstract : In this paper, the bipartite time-varying formation tracking (BTVFT) problem is studied for multi-agent system (MAS) with the state of agents is unpredictable and a tracking leader of unknown bounded control input. Based on available states and unavailable states, a innovative kind of adaptive BTVFT protocols for MAS is respectively proposed in this article. Then by using Lyapunov stability theory, the result implies that under the appropriate assumptions, one group of followers will trace the leader agent and achieve given formation, while another group of followers will accomplish a given formation at the opposite to the origin. Furthermore, simulation example is represented to validate the performance and effectiveness of the design techniques.

Keyword : Adaptive control, bipartite control, state observer, time-varying formation.

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