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Subspace Aided Fault-tolerant Control for Distributed Homogeneous Systems with Symmetric Interconnection Pattern

Jingjing Gao, Xu Yang*, Jian Huang, and Kaixiang Peng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 21, no. 1, pp.20-30, 2023

Abstract : Stimulated by the enhancing requirements for system safety as well as process reliability in industrial processes, this paper investigates a subspace aided fault-tolerant control scheme for distributed homogeneous systems with symmetric interconnection pattern. To this end, a decomposition approach is first addressed to show how to convert and decompose the original distributed homogeneous system into a set of independent subsystems. Then, for the independent subsystems, offline subspace predictive controllers and recursive fault-tolerant subspace predictive controllers are designed respectively in a decentralized way. Finally, the controllers designed for the independent subsystems are converted back to the original distributed homogeneous system to achieve its faulttolerant control goal. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is demonstrated by a case study on a multi-area interconnected power system.

Keyword : Distributed homogeneous system, fault-tolerant control, subspace predictive control, symmetric interconnection pattern.

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