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A Distributed Adaptive Mixed Self-/Event-triggered Formation Control Approach for Multiple Stratospheric Airships with Relative State Constraints and Input Delay

Yifei Zhang, Ming Zhu, Tian Chen*, and Zewei Zheng
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 21, no. 1, pp.71-83, 2023

Abstract : This paper investigates the distributed formation control problem of multiple stratospheric airships in three-dimensional space with several practical problems, such as relative state constraints, input delay, input saturation and disturbances. An adaptive mixed self-/event-triggered formation control scheme is proposed by combining backstepping control, an adaptation technique and a mixed self-/event-triggered control mechanism. First, a novel relative-error-constraint virtual control law is designed based on the barrier Lyapunov function, which is processed into the desired velocity and angular velocity as the input of the next-step designed controller. Then, an adaptive controller is designed based on a designed adaptive law that is utilized to eliminate the influence of external disturbances, input saturation and input delay. In addition, a mixed self-/event-triggered mechanism is designed in the whole system, involving a self-triggered mechanism in the virtual control law and an event-triggered mechanism in the adaptive controller. All signals in the closed-loop system are proven to be semiglobal, uniform and ultimately bounded, and Zeno behavior is proven to be excluded. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is verified through simulations.

Keyword : "Formation control, input delay, mixed self-/event-triggered control, relative state constraints. "

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