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Aperiodically Intermittent Adaptive Event-triggered Control for Linear Multi-agent Systems

Yunlong Zhang, Guoguang Wen*, Ahmed Rahmani, and Xiaoqin Zhai
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 21, no. 1, pp.94-108, 2023

Abstract : This paper investigates the aperiodically intermittent adaptive event-triggered control strategy for general linear multi-agent systems. The aperiodically intermittent adaptive event-triggered control inherits the respective advantages of aperiodically intermittent control strategy, event-triggered control strategy and adaptive control strategy, which improves communication efficiency, reduces control update frequency and is closer to the practical situations. Firstly, to reach leader-following consensus and save more control resources, a distributed aperiodically intermittent event-triggered scheme is devised, in which the transmission channels among agents only open if the local event-trigger condition is satisfied in predefined time intervals. Then, in order to get rid of continuous inter-agent communication for monitoring the triggering condition, a more general triggering mechanism is presented, in which discrete-time combinational measurement is adopted instead of using continuous-time tracking error directly. Next, to overcome the unexpected large feedback gains in real applications and appropriately tune the feedback gains, the aperiodically intermittent adaptive event-triggered controller is further devised. With aid of the matrix theory, stability theory of switching systems and Lyapunov function, some sufficient criteria are deduced. Moreover, the analyses of excluding the Zeno behavior are included, and explicit positive lower bounds between any two consecutive time intervals are rigorously guaranteed. Finally, the effectiveness for the designed control strategies is validated by simulations.

Keyword : Adaptive control, event-triggered control, intermittent control, tracking consensus.

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